Dr. Selvi has introduced a new approach based on his experience gained from impact analysis studies on nearly 60 projects. Based on these experiences, a realistic impact analysis and assessment approach has been tried to be put forward that will eliminate the deficiencies and weaknesses of existing approaches and practices for impact assessment. In this context, two comprehensive R&G projects, one completed and the other ongoing, were carried out. The “Impact Evaluation Process and Model Development” phase, which will be used in impact analysis and impact assessment, which constitutes the first stage of the project, has been completed. In the second stage, studies on the computer software of the impact assessment model designed in the first stage are continuing. Impact assessment will be made with scientific methods through the model and software developed with an innovative perspective. Impact analysis and impact assessment projects, which are briefly explained below, are carried out by Kıymet Selvi Education Support and Consulting Ltd. Şti.

Figure 1. R&D projects carried out on impact analysis and assessment

Project 1: A Model Design for Project Social Impact Assessment- SEDeM

The project titled “Designing a Model for Project Social Impact Assessment” was carried out by Kıymet Selvi Eğitim Destek ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. between 2 June 2022 and 31 March 2023 as Ankara University Technopolis Incubation R&D Project. Ltd. has been carried out.

By analysing the impact assessment approaches and the scope of the social impact assessment concept, a “Social Impact Assessment Model has been Designed” for the projects. In the Social Impact Assessment Model created, the focus is on the processes to be employed in the investigation and evaluation of the social impact of all projects.

With this model, the design of the technical and scientific research processes that will enable the determination of the social impact in three stages related to the planning, implementation and completion of the projects has been carried out. In the developed Social Impact Assessment Model; All the processes required for the definition of the social impact envisaged during the project planning phase, the prediction of the social impact that the project will create, the level of reaching the planned social impact during the implementation of the project, and the evaluation of the sustainability of the social impact created by the project after the project is completed have been put forward in detail. This model to be created has been developed with a pilot study in the field and it has been ensured that it is an applicable model.

Project 2: Development of Social Impact Assessment Model Software-(SEDeMY)

The project titled “Development of the Software for the Social Impact Assessment Model” started as Ankara University Technopolis Incubation R&D Project on May 15, 2023 and the project was undertaken by Kıymet Selvi Educational Support and Consultancy Ltd. Ltd. is carried out.

A prototype study was carried out to transform the model that emerged at the end of Project 1 into a software, and it was decided that the developed model would be made into software, and a new project aimed at developing the “Software of the Social Impact Assessment Model” (SEDeMY) was started in May 2023 within the scope of the Phase 2 study, which is the continuation of this project. With SEDeMY, the entire process and data collection tools will be designed to determine the social impact that the projects and implemented policies and programs will create. In this project, a technology supported structure will be put forward by making use of technical and scientific processes in determining the social impact of the projects. With this software; Records of data related to the processes required for the project’s time management, budget and project management, implementation, and reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the project will be kept. In this context, for the analysis and evaluation of the social impact of the project, contribution will be made to the collection and interpretation of data on the planning, evaluation, and sustainability of the social impact.