The most important target group as to educational practices and consultancy is families. They spend considerable amount of money on their children’s education starting from their prenatal period. Despite these huge expenses, they are troubled with the thought that their children are not offered the quality education they need. Displeasure with the result despite the huge expenses arouse the resultant feelings of disappointment and despair. Thus, it must be the educational institutions that provide families with great support for educational issues. It is known that most schools employ teachers, administrators and other experts who are specialized in educational issues. For instance, the mission of a mathematics teacher should not be limited to merely teaching mathematics; he /she should also provide both students and families with educational assistance and consultancy services.

Ideally speaking, educational assistance for families should be provided by the training staff of the school which their children attend. In case this is not possible for some reasons, education becomes a seriously problematic area for families, children or teenagers. Unfortunately, training staff cannot provide families with this type of educational consultancy except in a few private educational institutions.  

Within the scope of educational assistance for families, Kıymet Selvi Educational Assistance and Consultancy aims to identify students’ learning-related problems, to solve existing educational conflicts between family and student, and to carry out collaborative activities with families to provide students with guidance to help them assume responsibility for their own learning.