Individuals and institutions have concerns about not getting the intended efficiency from educational activities. Educational activities are costly investment in terms of both time and expenses. Thus, it affects educational activities negatively when immediate results of such educational investment are not achieved or observed. As a result, this educational investment should be planned and implemented in a meticulous way, and necessary revisions should be made to improve existing practices. If current practices are not regularly updated and emerging problems are not intervened appropriately, educational activities, which used to be effective at the beginning, can turn into ineffective procedures both for individuals and institutions.    

Thus, educational activities should be regularly monitored, evaluated and improved so that education and educational systems become more and more effective. If the following procedures are regularly repeated for all educational activities, sustainability of these educational activities can be achieved.   

As displayed in the figure-1 above, within the framework of Improving Educational Practices services, we offer assistance and consultancy services through continuous revisions and implementations of educational practices.  

Curriculum Development: Designing, Monitoring, Evaluating and Developing

Curriculum development is one of the area of expertise in educational sciences. Planning educational activities starts with designing a curriculum. Later, implementation, evaluation and development of this curriculum guarantee necessary conditions for a sustainable education.

​Especially training sessions to be implemented in either educational institutions or other institutions having a staff training policy should be planned and tested in advance through some practices so that they are become ready for implementation. The procedure followed in the activities as to curriculum design, monitoring, evaluation and development is similar to the one followed in Improving Educational Practices services.

Within the scope of educational assistance and consultancy services, individuals and institutions are provided with necessary assistance and consultancy through activities that aim at curriculum design, evaluation and development.