Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK
It is education that makes a nation live in a free, independent, glorious, high society; or leave to bondage and misery.

Our company provides individuals and institutions that would like to conduct research on school, schooling and education with assistance and consultancy services in the following issues: designing research process, developing or selecting the measurement tools, conducting research, and reporting results. While conducting researches on school, schooling and education, one researcher needs to have necessary knowledge and skill in both education and research methods in order to identify research topic and narrow it down. If s/he fails to take these first steps carefully, the results are not expected to be useful, valid and reliable. Even though institutions organize their own research teams, it is highly recommended to receive a professional expert support to notice some problems or solutions they themselves are not aware of. In addition, benefitting from an expert, as an external audit, will yield to more effective solutions to problems.      

Within the scope of Educational Assistance and Consultancy Services for Education and School Research, individuals and institutions are provided consultation on researches on school, schooling and education from planning phase to reporting.