Established as a sole proprietorship on behalf of Kıymet Selvi, "Kıymet Selvi Education Support and Consultancy" started its activities on September 2, 2019. On June 2, 2022, Prof. Dr. Kıymet Selvi established a new TEKNOKENT company in the Ankara University Technopolis region as “Kıymet Selvi Education Support and Consultancy Limited Company” and started to carry out her work through Ankara University Technopolis.

Who am I?

Hello, I am Prof. Dr. Kıymet Selvi. Before taking this initiative, I examined all private institutions named "Education Consultancy,” “Education Support," or "Educational Support." I found out that the existing structures that were examined were carrying out activities other than the activities intended for the business I was planning to establish. For this reason, I founded a business establishment called “Kıymet Selvi” to carry out Education Support and Consultancy Services. As the first private enterprise established to achieve the following objectives, I started to provide training support and consultancy to individuals and institutions.Afterwards, as a result of the negotiations with Ankara University TEKNOKENT, I decided to restructure company that will carry out R&D studies on EDUCATION, and as an entrepreneur, I established "Kıymet Selvi Education Support and Consultancy Limited Company" in the Ankara University Technopolis region on June 2, 2022.

Our Purposes

On an individual and corporate basis;
  • Designing, evaluating, and developing educational curriculum
  • Instructional design
  • Adult education
  • School education and vocational technical training
  • Innovation in education and ICT
  • Impact assessment research and training - Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
  • Developing individuals' learning skills and potential
  • Equipping individuals with thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Providing scientific solutions to learning problems
  • Increasing individuals' learning motivation and interests
  • Improving learning-teaching processes
  • Providing institutional support and consultancy services in education
  • Providing individual support and consultancy services in education
  • Providing education and conducting project work on self-learning
  • Providing consultancy for national and international project management
  • Providing education based on demands and needs
What is Education Support and Consultancy?
Education Support and Consultancy Services provides support and consultancy services to individuals and institutions involved in educational activities, carrying out and benefiting from these activities.If individuals or institutions have problems in education, learning and teaching, they may not find solutions to that problem on their own. In this case, it is necessary to get help and support from educational science experts to solve the current problem. Training, Support and Consultancy services in the context of considering the developments in Turkey and the world individual or institution of learning, teaching and training in the areas they need support and counseling are produced.Our most important feature, which differs from the existing educational support or consultancy services, is that almost all of the existing ones are accounting, foreign language teaching, NLP etc. It is the teaching of certain subjects or working on personal development. "Kıymet Selvi Education Support and Consultancy", on the other hand, provides services to individuals and institutions in the fields of learning, teaching and education.
How Are The Services Provided?
The main purpose of Training and Support and Consultancy services is to provide the educational support individuals and institutions need regarding the education they receive or will receive. Education has become a topic on which almost everyone speaks and speaks. However, conducting education-related studies by experts in this field will reveal the expected effect of education. For this reason, obtaining expert support for the decisions to be taken, planning, applications and evaluations regarding education, learning and teaching will facilitate the emergence of effective results regarding educational studies. In the context of education support and consultancy services to be provided by "Prof. Dr. Kıymet SELVİ", education support and consultancy is provided in three different forms.
  • The first method; The necessary support and consultancy related to learning, teaching and training are provided directly by "Prof. Dr. Kıymet SELVİ".
  • Secondary method is to provide the necessary support and consultancy with the coordination of "Prof. Dr. Kıymet SELVİ" with the training support and consultancy services to be obtained from other experts.
  • The third method is providing education support and consultancy services related to learning, education and training for individuals and institutions with the cooperation of "Prof. Dr. Kıymet SELVİ" and other experts.