Education systems were in a stalemate long before the COVID pandemic. New generations continue to be educated in structures full of problems that no one cares about or ignores. Education systems, which started to be created in 1850 and did not add a new feature since 1950, are about to give their last breath. It is unacceptable to train people for the 2050s and to provide education with the existing systems. In the last 67-70 years, no long-term innovative work has been done on education systems. Education systems are tried to be operated with populist approaches that cannot solve the problems.

However, no one wants to see that there has been a severe pandemic in the education system for the last 60 years.

So how will the consequences of the pandemic, which is undesirable to be seen in education systems, affect our future? No one knows the answer to this question. It is clear that this problem cannot be solved by education ministries, universities, educators, schools, teachers, students and parents. In order to solve this problem, new education policies should be determined and new searches should be revealed by discussing on a ground dominated by scientific studies.

The education prediction put forward by Ivan Illich in his book “Society without School” written in 1970 came true in 2020. If you have read this book, I recommend you to read it. As we were not adjusted to the result of scientific and technological developments, we could not inform and prepare our teachers, schools and students about such new educational understandings. I would like to share with you a functional and innovative study that I have been working on, which aims to bring the understanding of “schoolless society and effective learning” to life. The problems of education systems are many and complex, and the issue of “SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING” should be put on the agenda as a partial solution to these problems.