If learners are not highly motivated or reluctant to learn, learning never occurs or is difficult to achieve because education system is an artificially formed social, ideological and political system. Although education system involves necessary attempts to maintain this artificially formed learning process, learning also occurs out of this process in an effective way.

Trying to learn and teach without clearly understanding how learning occurs is the main problem of current educational activities. An individual’s learning occurs in two ways, which are summarized in blog cover image above.

According to the figure above, learning includes both self-directed learning and directed-learning.

Self-directed learning is like taking breath. It occurs without a special effort while individual is sleeping or awake. If an individual does not have any problems with his learning ability, this learning is the easiest and the most effortless one. Education system are not interested in this type of learning. Kıymet Selvi Educational Assistance and Consultancy provides services to raise individuals’ awareness about self-directed learning and help them develop self-directed learning skills.

Directed Learning aims to teach individuals according to a certain plan and program. Current educational systems continue to transfer available knowledge to students through reinterpretations of the existing systems. However, recent trends in education emphasize that such a transfer of knowledge to students is not efficient enough. If individuals and institutions are having problems in identifying problems, their sources and reasons lying behind them, consulting to expert opinion is highly recommended. Kıymet Selvi Educational Assistance and Consultancy provides individuals and institutions with effective support for identifying problems concerning education and learning in Directed Learning and finding efficient solutions. Since both self-directed learning and directed learning will increase with such a support, individuals and institutions will increase their performances considerably.

Educational assistance and consultancy provide solutions to individuals’ and institutions’ education-related problems, which in turn increases their performances and motivation levels. The main purpose of these assistance and consultancy services is to facilitate and sustain learning.