Self-Directed Learning Preparatory Skills Scale (SDLPSS) consists of the skills included in the Teachers Supported Self-Directed Learning Skills.  SDLPSS was developed by Gündüz and Selvi in ​​2016. More information about the development stages and general characteristics of the scale, see the article and book in which the scale was published. These are stated below.

Scale Artical

Gündüz, G.F. ve Selvi, K. (2016a). Developing A “Self-Directed Learning Preparation Skills Scale For Primary School Students”: Validity and Reliability Analyses, Universal Journal of Educational Research, 4 (10), 2317-2334.  


Selvi, K. (2019). Kendi Kendine Öğrenme (Self-Directed Learning), (Ed. Kıymet Selvi), Pegem Akademi, 1. Baskı. Ankara.

This scale is applied to primary school students to determine how much of the “Self-Directed Learning Preparation Skills” they need for self-directed learning.

Self-Directed Learning Preparation Skills has a four-factor structure consisting of 38 items in total. The factors of the scale are as seen below.

  • Continuity in Learning Skills
  • Planning in Learning Skills
  • Awareness Towards Learning Skills
  • Management of Learning Environment and Learning Resources Skills

The factors of the Self-Directed Learning Preparatory Skills Scale (SDLPS) are shown in the Figure below.

Figure. Factors of Self-Directed Learning Preparatory Skills Scale

By applying the scale, it is determined to what extent primary school students have Self-Directed Learning Preparation Skills. The student’s learning skills are developed by analysing the scores obtained by each student from the scale. For this, the following process is applied;

  • The total score obtained from the scale is calculated
  • Subscale scores are calculated
  • By examining the total score and subscale scores, it is determined which skills the student has problems with
  • A training program/counselling program is prepared for each student to gain the skills they need
  • With the prepared program, students are provided with the necessary skills.