There is a clear need for a change in understanding of learning at school. In order to achieve this change, the current functions of the school should be questioned and improved. The education system must have three basic function seen in Figure 1. The first functions of the educational system are “to acquire the knowledge, skills and affective behaviours that are expected to be gained through the curriculum”. These features, which are foreseen within the scope of the first function of the education systems, are inadequate to gain students through learning activities at school. İt is clear that schools do not fulfil their initial functions that they focused on. For this reason, as the education system is inadequate to fulfil this function, distorted structures such as support private teaching centres, increase in individual expenditure and time for education, private lessons and courses have taken over the functions of education system and schools.

Figure 1. Functions of education system

The second function of education is to provide students with Daily life skills. These should include the skills necessary for the Daily life of the individual, such as” science literacy, communication, healthy fulfilment of physical needs, eating habits, staying healthy, environmental and technology skills. It is observed that education systems are also quite unsuccessful in performing their secondary functions. Education systems appear to be quite unsuccessful in performing their second functions. It is clear that schools do not make positive contributions to students, especially in subjects such as eating habits, staying healthy, environment, scientific literacy, use of technology, and communication. What is expected from education systems is not limited to providing students with the desired behaviours and daily life skills envisaged in the current education program.

The third function of the education system is to provide individuals with learning skills to continue their learning outside of school. In the context of the third function of education systems, it is necessary to equip both teachers and students with “Self-Direct Learning Skills“. The third function of the education system is not included in the current education systems.

The fourth function of the education system covers the acquisition of the learning skills necessary for the realization of lifelong learning, learning by doing and active learning both inside and outside the school. Lifelong learning, learning by doing and living and active learning are not realized with the learner and teacher who do not have awareness about learning and do not know the learning styles. The realization of the third function of education will make it easier for the education system to perform the first and second function.