Increasing computer and social media literacy of children negatively affects their reading skills. Because the technologies provide children with the information they want quickly and dull their reading habits. As a result, children develop ideas that they do not need to read books, learn from books, read and answer open-ended and test questions about lessons. These views and thoughts distract them from reading books.

I know from the work I have done with them that a student who has started high school never read any books except the materials of the courses that he must read. The number of young people who have never read fairy tales, stories and novels in their lives and have never developed any ideas about them is increasing. If a teenager read fairy tales to him as a child or if he watched a cartoon, he has very limited knowledge about fairy tales, but continues his life without any idea about stories and novels.

No parents want their children to be in this situation. Because having the ability to read books affects his education and professional life.

A primary, secondary or high school student who has convinced himself that reading a book is not necessary, is given the ability to read books by applying strategies that will make them love reading books within 3 months.

I am assertive about this … and you ?